Wayne and Christina

Addenda and Corrigenda to
The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide
Revised and Enlarged Edition (2017)

by Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond

The second edition of The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide retained the Chronology as a single volume (Vol. I), and expanded the Reader’s Guide from one to two volumes (Vols. II, III). In order to balance the resulting three volumes in length as much as possible, we relocated the appended matter originally in the Chronology (family trees, bibliographies of Tolkien’s works) to the second volume of the Reader’s Guide, and included our bibliography of works consulted only in the Reader’s Guide. Because our publisher wished to sell the three volumes separately as well as in a boxed set, we included the foreword and index in both the Chronology and the Reader’s Guide (the first or second volume as appropriate).

Here we collect addenda and corrigenda to our preface and index, which are shared between the two parts of the Companion and Guide, and acknowledgements beyond those in the published preface. Elsewhere on this site may be read addenda and corrigenda to the chronology, addenda and corrigenda to the reader’s guide, a list of topics in the Reader’s Guide, and a supplemental bibliography for the new edition.


In addition to those whom we acknowledge in our revised preface, we would like to thank for their comments and suggestions Stefan Borgschulze, Janet Brennan Croft, John Garth, Eduardo B. Kumamoto, Phil Mathison, Mauro, Steve Parsons, Nicholas Watkinson, and ‘naturesfocus’.

Addenda and Corrigenda Common to
the Chronology and Reader's Guide

Preface, p. xv: Add to the list of books for which we abbreviate titles for convenience: Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth by Catherine McIlwaine, et al. (2018), as Maker of Middle-earth.

Preface, p. xxiv, col. 1 at bottom: Insert line break between ‘“The Koivienéni Manuscript”’ and ‘Lancashire Fusiliers’.

Index, entries for Martin D’Arcy, S.R.T.O. d’Ardenne, Madame d’Aulnoy, and A.P. d’Entrèves should have been placed alphabetically among the ‘D’ entries; in each name the apostrophe is ignored.

Index, entry for Cromer: For ‘102’ read ‘103’.

Index, entry for Dawkins, R.M.: Delete Chronology citation to p. 152.

Index, entry for Exeter College, Oxford: For ‘“Smoker” g 911’ read ‘ “Smoker” g 912’.

Index, entry for Finland: Replace with: ‘Finland c 344, 857, g 27, 588–9, 617, 1339, 1428; see also Finnish language; Kalevala’.

Index, entry for Gnomish: For ‘c 67, 100, 105, 100, 112, 115, 124’ read ‘c 67, 105, 108, 112, 115, 124’.

Index, entry for Hogan, J.J. (Jeremiah): For ‘459’ read ‘458–9’.

Index, add cross-reference: ‘Ishnesses see Book of Ishness, The’.

Index, entry for King Edward’s School, Birmingham: For ‘Officers Training Corps’ read ‘Officers’ Training Corps’.

Index, entry for Linguaphone: For ‘c 153, 163’ read ‘c 163’.

Index, entry for Loom of Language: For ‘Loom of Language’ read ‘Loom of Language, The’.

Index, entry for The Lord of the Rings: In subsection ‘titles’ add citation to c 235.

Index, entry for Mackarness, Mr: ‘Mr Mackarness’ was more fully G.C.N. Mackarness.

Index, entry for Merton Professorship of English Language and Literature: For ‘c 143’ read ‘c 142’.

Index, entry for Merton Professorship of English Literature: Delete Chronology citation to p. 142.

Index, entry for Mroczkowski, Przemysław: For ‘Przemysł’ read ‘Przemysław’.

Index, entry for Music of the Ainur, The: For ‘tales’ read ‘Tales’.

Index, entry for Nobel Prize: For ‘596’ read ‘443, 596’.

Index, entry for Nordal, Sigurður: For ‘g 623’ read ‘c 180, g 623’.

Index, entry for Norfolk: For ‘Norfolk c 56’ read ‘Norfolk see Cromer’. (As revised in Addenda and Corrigenda, a cross-reference to Norwich would also appear in this entry.)

Index, entry for Officers Training Corps, Oxford: For ‘Officers’ read ‘Officer’.

Index, entry for The Owl and the Nightingale: Omit the redundant second instance of the words ‘Modern English translation’.

Index, entry for Progress in Bimble Town: For ‘g 35’ read ‘g 351’.

Index, entry for Quenta Noldorinwa: For ‘c 151, 156, 161–2, 166, 845’ read ‘c 161–2, 166, 845’.

Index, entry for St Andrews from Kinkell Brake: For ‘Brake’ read ‘Brae’.

Index, entry for Scott, Walter: For ‘537’ read ‘536’.

Index, entry for Selby, G.E.: For ‘294’ read ‘295’.

Index, add entry: ‘Sheil, Denis  g 297’.

Index, entry for Somerset, add cross-reference: ‘See also Cheddar Gorge and Caves, Clevedon, Quantock Hills, Taunton, Weston-super-Mare’.

Index, entry for Wardale, Edith: Change heading to Wardale, E.E. (Edith); delete citation to c 14; add citation to c 147.

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